Easter 2018

This was not the Easter we had planned. Mama had passed away 3 days before Easter Sunday. On Friday morning, Abby had travelled to Ottawa with Grandma to attend Josee’s wedding. So on Easter morning, it was only Aiden here for the Easter Egg Hunt. After the Easter Egg Hunt, we went to Dad’s and had a family dinner. Melissa went to pick up Abby … Continue reading Easter 2018

Easter 2015

Visited the Allison’s: Saturday On Saturday we went to visit the Allison’s and brought Marley to meet Macklan for the first time. Marley was very well behaved, but quite excited and wanted to lick Macklan any chance she could. Then the kids and Macklan played for the afternoon and evening while we visited with Julie & Peter. The video below shows Macklan and Aiden having … Continue reading Easter 2015