Easter 2012

On Sunday morning, the kids woke up and came to get us from our room. We got up and the kids came down the stairs to see what they got from the Easter Bunny.  The highlight of the morning was Abby not remembering to look outside for Easter Eggs. She has been telling everyone who will listen for the last two weeks that the Easter Bunny leaves different coloured eggs in the backyard, but when it came time to remember on Easter morning she completely forgot as you will see in the video. She looked right out the window to check the weather and didn’t even notice.

It is too bad that we did not get to spend time with our extended family this weekend, but we made the best of it at our house. Happy Easter everyone.



One thought on “Easter 2012

  1. Grandma Miller says wow! lots of eggs! Easter bunny sure was good to you this year. We both agree that these videos are really nice! Great to see the new home like this! What a beautiful place! Sharing at the end a very happy concept too. hope all went well after the camera was off. Garden coming in the yard? Looks like a nice sunny spot too.
    Love You All
    Grandma and Grandpa Miller

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