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Santa Picture

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This year we went to get our Santa Picture when we were in Peterborough visiting Shawn & Megan. It was a special picture because Shawn & Megan brought Violet for her first ever picture with Santa. The kids took a picture with her and then they had their own Santa picture. Violet did not want to take the picture unless her Dad was in the picture with her.

Below is Abby & Aiden’s picture & below that is a video I put together will all of the Santa pictures the kids have been in for the past 10 years.


Santa Picture 2016
Abby & Aiden with Santa at the Peterborough Mall


Stingray Experience (Jan 2017)

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This year for Christmas, Melissa & I got the kids tickets for the Stingray Experience at Ripleys Aquarium.

This is where we got a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium followed by a 20 min swim in the tank with the Stingrays. I really do not know how best to describe how amazing this experience was for our family. When in the water, the Stingrays swam all around us for the entire 20 minutes!!! Aiden probably got splashed 7 or 8 times right in the face by passing Stingrays including in the video below. We even go to feed the Stingrays!!!

After participating in the Stingray Experience we stuck around at the aquarium until almost closing time.


By the time we got home, the kids had passed out from a very long and exciting day!!

Stingray Experience 2017
The kids sleeping after their day at Ripleys

New Year’s Eve 2016

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For New Year’s this year, I arranged a sleepover for the kids to have with their good friends William & Ava. Abby went to Ava’s house & William came to our house for the evening.

New Years Eve 2016
Aiden with William taking a game break

The boys played video games and ate chips & candy all the way till midnight. We even took an intermission due to stomach pains that Aiden had got from eating a little too much junk food!! At the end of the evening we counted down to midnight and did a little a celebratory dance before heading of to bed.

In the morning the boys & I got a little confused about Abby’s rule that we were not allowed in her room 🙂

New Years Eve 2016
William & Aiden on Abby’s bed

Blizzard 2016

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Blizzard joined us for an eventful December this year. Some of the highlights included a rivalry between Blizzard and a Storm Trooper, Blizzard getting his flu shot the same night the kids got there flu shot, gift wrapping the toilet, getting Santa’s autograph and Blizzard drawing moustaches on the kids faces while they slept.

He arrived by bringing them each a lego advent calendar….

Blizzard 2016
Blizzard’s arrival


& left by leaving behind pictures from his month of mischief!!

Blizzard 2016
saying goodbye







Uncle Jack passed away: Dec 21, 2016

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On December 21st, 2016, Uncle Jack passed away after falling unconscious earlier in the week. Melissa and Jackie flew to Quebec City to pay their respects and celebrate Uncle Jack’s life.

Below is a copy of Facebook post from Uncle Jack’s son-in-law Martin (Holly’s husband) and a copy of Uncle Jack’s Obituary.

Martin Brodeur’s Facebook Post

I don’t know if anyone else noticed what yesterday was. Yesterday was the winter solstice. The shortest day and The longest night of the year. It was the darkest and the gloomiest night of 2016. Like the longest night Jacks passing has left a dark chill in our hearts. But Jack passed away on a night of great significance. From today on the days get longer and the darkness will be replaced by the sun. The pain of his passing will slowly be brightened by the great memories we have and the light of his love for everyone will soon fill our days with warmth and clarity.

Today we mourn the passing of a father, a husband, a brother. We mourn the passing of a great man. But soon, as the time passes and the days get longer we will celebrate because we will realize how lucky we were to have him as part of our lives. Rest in peace Jack Neville


Uncle Jack’s Obituary





Dinner with Uncle Keith & Auntie Linda (Dec 2016)

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On December 3rd this year, the kids, Melissa and I along with Shawn, Megan and Violet had our second annual Christmas dinner with Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda. This year though we added something new. When we scheduled the dinner at the Old Stone, we did not realize that it was also at the same time as Peterborough’s Santa Claus Parade. So, what we did was we went to the restaurant a little early and Melissa, the kids and I watched the parade from the street while Shawn, Megan and Violet, Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda watched from inside the restaurant.

After the dinner, we went back to Shawn and Megan’s for some coffee and dessert before Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda headed home.

Dinner with Uncle Keith & Auntie Linda (Santa Claus Parade) Dec 2016
Auntie Linda, Melissa, Uncle Keith with Abby & Aiden


Kids Falling Asleep Reading (Dec 2016)

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One night in early December, I went into the kids room to shut off their lights at bedtime and found that they had both fallen asleep while reading their books glasses and all. I captured this quick picture before I tucked them in to bed.