Easter Weekend 2016

Thursday Snow Day

We started Easter weekend with a surprise in the way a of Snow/Ice Day on Thursday. However, Melissa and I decided to have a little fun with the kids. I got dressed in my work clothes and at about 8:30, Melissa and I came running down the stairs yelling that we had all slept in and that the kids were about to miss their bus. What followed was 3 min of pandemonium with Abby running to get dressed, Aiden running to get his bag and get dressed, all while Mel and I were pretending to be frustrated that we were running late. We got everyone ready and out the door before we told them as captured in the video below.


On Saturday morning we headed to Peterborough to visit. Melissa had to stay because she was working. After arriving, we visited with Rob & Holly and Julie, Macklan and Eva. During the visit, Rob told us that Holly and him are moving in together. Later in the afternoon, the kids and I went to visit Grandpa at the home with Grandma. The highlight of the visit was the 4 baby ducks that were there visiting for the week. The kids and the residents watched their bath and feeding.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday morning, the kids woke up early and went on their Easter Egg hunt. There were Easter Eggs full of gummy worms and bears all over the yard.

Aiden and Abby hunting for Easter Eggs
Aiden and Abby hunting for Easter Eggs
Abby and Aiden after their Easter Egg Hunt
Abby and Aiden after their Easter Egg Hunt

We then went to mass. After mass, we went up to Lakefield and delivered an Easter hugs. Then we went to Craig and Jane’s for Easter Brunch with Mark, Betty, Susan, Mama, Papa, Peter, Julie, Macklan and Eva. After brunch, we quickly stopped and Peter and Julie’s and had a nice visit while the kids played. We then came home and spent Monday back at home.


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