New Year’s Eve 2016

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For New Year’s this year, I arranged a sleepover for the kids to have with their good friends William & Ava. Abby went to Ava’s house & William came to our house for the evening.

New Years Eve 2016
Aiden with William taking a game break

The boys played video games and ate chips & candy all the way till midnight. We even took an intermission due to stomach pains that Aiden had got from eating a little too much junk food!! At the end of the evening we counted down to midnight and did a little a celebratory dance before heading of to bed.

In the morning the boys & I got a little confused about Abby’s rule that we were not allowed in her room 🙂

New Years Eve 2016
William & Aiden on Abby’s bed

Vegan Fest 2016

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On Aug 13, Melissa and Shauna went to Vegan Fest at Fort York. Once they found Fort York (by taking a Streetcar that travelled underground) they had an amazing time despite the episodes of rain.

Mom & Dad coming to visit & watch the kids

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As a result of our childcare provider getting sick last week, we had to call my Mom & Dad to come and watch the kids from Tuesday to Friday. It was really great that they could come because it gave Melissa a chance to finish her major essay in her stats course which was due at the end of the week. We did not tell the kids that Mama & Papa were coming so that it would be a surprise for them.

The weather last week was gorgeous so they got to take the kids out for bike rides and spend some time enjoying our new deck. At the end of the day, you would think that the kids might want to spend a little time with their Mom & Dad, but most nights we lost out on storytime to Mama & Papa. It was great having them here.

Start of March Break

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My March Break started on March 9 @ 3:00 pm & I had been really looking forward to it. On March 9th, I completed my last computers in the classroom course, thus ending a 9 month marathon of 3 computer courses for work. The reason I took the courses was because of my interest in the integration of technology into the classroom, as well as, it allowed me to move up a level on my salary grid. But on March 9th I finished &  now my job is to support Melissa as she pursues her bachelor of science in nursing degree.

Also on March 8th, I finished my extra tutoring job (“Counting on You”) that I had to go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, everything seemed to end right at the start of March Break.

So I started my March Break by watching a few shows on TV with Melissa since she had the Friday night off from work. It was quite relaxing.

Toronto Maple Leaf Game

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Here are a few pictures from the Toronto Maple Leaf Game that Mom & Dad went to on Feb 28. It was their Christmas Gift from Rob. They went to and from the game on the greyhound. As you can see from the pictures, they had a great time.