Easter 2017

For Easter 2017, we travelled to Douro to spend the weekend at Mom & Dad’s. On the weekend there. On Friday afternoon, we had a family dinner at Mom & Dad’s. As you can see from the picture below, we all had to prepare and rest up for the meal, but none of us more than Eva & Melissa each of whom had a nap prior to the meal. On Saturday afternoon/evening, we were invited to a family dinner at Graig & Jane’s full of all the usual fixings. Before and after dinner, the kids all played with each other.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday morning, we had our traditional Easter Egg Hunt, but because of the weather (rain overnight), the Easter Bunny hid most of the eggs inside with a few exceptions. Now this made Aiden a little sad as you will see at the start of the video, but he became quite excited when he realized that there were a few Eggs hidden outside on the deck and the window sills.




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