Father’s Day 2018

For Father’s Day this year, Dad spent the weekend with Peter & Julie at their cottage. Melissa invited Shawn and her Dad over to celebrate Father’s Day at our house. Melissa got us all matching shirts and some good beers and non-alcoholic beers for us all to enjoy on the deck.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was watching Oscar play with the musical … Continue reading Father’s Day 2018

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: July 7, 2018

We travelled to Toronto to watch the Jays play the Yankees as part of my Father’s Day gift. On the way to the game we misread the schedule for the Go Train, so we missed the train and had to wait 45 min for the next one. We passed the time playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, and the kids learned a valuable lesson. Always leave … Continue reading Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: July 7, 2018

Weekend @ Peter & Julie’s Cottage: May 28, 2018

After the long weekend in May, Abby & I travelled to the Allison’s cottage for the weekend to help them get their dock in and do a little bit of setting up for the summer. It also included a Sunday morning dive in the frigid waters to look for the dock anchors which had floated away during the winter. We also squeezed in some time … Continue reading Weekend @ Peter & Julie’s Cottage: May 28, 2018

Philip, Stephanie, Shelby & Chantale Visiting: May 4-6, 2018

On the first weekend of May Philip, Stephanie, Shelby & Chantale came for a visit for the weekend. Shortly after their arrival, the power went out in Keene from a huge wind storm. During the storm, we watched as our neighbours shingles blew off of their roofs. When we went out to check our roof, Philip & I saw that section of our roof was … Continue reading Philip, Stephanie, Shelby & Chantale Visiting: May 4-6, 2018

Mom Passing Away: March 29, 2018

This is the toughest blog post I have ever had to write. On March 29, 2018, at approximately 3:30am my Mom passed away at PRHC from adenocarcinoma. This was a diagnoses that we found out the day before she passed away. It was a type of cancer that probably developed in the summer of 2017 and began showing symptoms around Christmas. However, the symptoms kept … Continue reading Mom Passing Away: March 29, 2018

Oscar’s Adoption: Jan 31, 2018

On January 31, 2018, Oscar was officially adopted by Shawn & Megan. At the courthouse was the same judge that completed Violet’s adoption a year earlier. This time the judge gave Oscar a stuffed monkey for a present for him to remember his adoption day. He did the same for Violet a year earlier, giving her an elephant, which she brought with her to her … Continue reading Oscar’s Adoption: Jan 31, 2018

PG Towns Documentary & Fire

On December 3, Melissa & I attended a screening of a documentary called Towns End. We watched the documentary in the emptied out PG Towns & Sons General store in Douro. It was powerful watching the last days of the store and hearing residents talk about its importance to the community, while sitting in the actual store. After the documentary, we enjoyed some snacks and … Continue reading PG Towns Documentary & Fire