Marley’s first months

March: Bringing Marley Home

We brought home Marley home on Tuesday March 10. See post March Break 2015 for a little background info.

We named her Marley after Bob Marley because she just seemed so laid back and relaxed around everyone!! Shortly after we named her, we found out about the movie Marley so we watched it to make sure that we would be Okay with her name. Even though the movie is a tear jerker, we kept the name Marley. She soon lived up to Marley moniker from the movie as well. See April below.

Some of the highlights of the first month include: celebrating St. Patrick’s day in style, our first family vet visit (where she went pee on the floor in the office), sleeping with the kids while they watched a movie and just playing with her.

Here are some pics and video from her first month here.


Shortly after getting her, she began teething and wanted to chew everything just like Marley from the movie. The following is a list of just some of the items that she chewed: shoes, curtains, tea towels, toilet paper, paper, plants, the deck stairs, baseboards, chairs and of course a piece of the drywall in the upstairs bathroom!!!

Despite that we all absolutely love her!!!

Some of the highlights from the month include: taking her to the bus stop almost everyday to meet the kids, teaching her how to use a slide at the “Secret Park,” her first shower after rolling in poop, helping with the dishes and taking her for walks through the neighbourhood and going on our first trip to Peterborough for Easter.


Some of the highlights include playing in the park and backyard and long walks and runs through the neighbourhood.


Some of the highlights include: taking Marley to the leash-free park, laying around the house, helping with the yard work and having her first ice-cream cone.


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