Easter 2014

Good Friday

We arrived to Mom and Dad’s on Good Friday around noon, just in time for the kids to play in the water that had pooled in the lot beside Mom and Dad’s house. Abby and Aiden had a great time stomping through the water and pouting to use their wet suits that they got from their cousins Ava and Sam. After they were sufficiently soaked and cold, they came inside to get ready to go to church.

After church, all the Allisons (Peter, Julie, & Macklan; Craig & Jane), the Judges (Mark, Susan and Betty), the Millers (Jackie and Bruce) and Uncle Joe all came back to Mom and Dad;s house for Good Friday supper.

Abby singing

After supper was done, Abby asked me to gather everyone in the living room so that she could sing a song from the movie Frozen. Before the song started she had Aiden introduce her and as part of his introduction he said that no flash photography was allowed. As you watch the video you will see Aiden come over and tell Mama to stop taking pictures because it is not allowed. It is hilarious.

 Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday morning, Abby, Aiden and Macklan got up and painted some eggs with Mama and Auntie Julie. They painted about a dozen eggs.

Aiden, Abby, Macklan with Mama painting eggs
Aiden, Abby, Macklan with Mama painting eggs

In the early afternoon, we went to the McKnight’s for Easter Saturday Supper. While there, Megan’s Mom had made an Easter Basket for all the kids to open. In addition to that she created an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in her backyard. I would of had more pictures but a lot of them have Charlie in them and we are not allowed to post any picture of Charlie. It was a great day with everyone!!!



Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday morning, the kids woke up to find Easter Eggs hidden in the house, but mostly outside in the backyard. As you can see from the video and pictures, they had a great time tracking them all down. Once they had hunted all the eggs down, they came inside and divided up their loot.

Later in the day we went toe Craig and Jane’s house for a third Easter Dinner, our third of the weekend. With the exception of Uncle Joe, the same people were at Craig and Jane’s. It was another gorgeous day where we could spend some time outside visiting on the deck and playing in the yard at the Allison’s.

 Egg Hunt

 Easter Monday

We spent the night at Peter and Julie’s on Sunday so that we could visit and also watch Macklan on Monday since it was not a holiday for Peter and Julie. We got up on Monday morning and walked down to the diner near their house for breakfast. As you can see, Abby and Aiden helped push Macklan all the way there. At breakfast, Macklan devoured every pace of hame and eggs he could get his hands on.

After breakfast, we walked to the park and played there for an hour and a half until Macklan got too tired and had to come home for a nap. We then hung around Peter and Julie’s house until we were relieved by Craig and Jane early in the afternoon so that we could travel back to our home.

3 dinners with family in one Easter weekend made for an awesome weekend.

Abby and Aiden pushing Macklan to breakfast.
Abby and Aiden pushing Macklan to breakfast.
Peter helping Macklan down the slide while Aiden looks on and Abby slides beside him.
Peter helping Macklan down the slide while Aiden looks on and Abby slides beside him.
Abby playing Macklan at the playground near his house
Abby playing Macklan at the playground near his house



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