Mothers Day 2018

We had a quiet Mother’s Day this year. Abby & Aiden each made Mom a gift from school. Abby and Aiden each made Mom something at school. Abby also went out and picked some flowers in the neighbourhood and brought them home for Melissa. They complemented the flowers that I got for Melissa. 

In addition the the gift that Aiden made, he also wrote a letter for Melissa called “I think my mom is the best!”

This was a difficult Mother’s Day for me, Melissa and the kids because it was the first Mother’s Day without Mom. I can’t put into words how much I missed her on this day. It brought back memories of all the past Mother’s Day from when I was a kid and after I had my own kids. Here are a few of the past Mother’s Day pictures with Mom. 

We love you Mom, Mama, Grandma!