Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: July 7, 2018

We travelled to Toronto to watch the Jays play the Yankees as part of my Father’s Day gift. On the way to the game we misread the schedule for the Go Train, so we missed the train and had to wait 45 min for the next one. We passed the time playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, and the kids learned a valuable lesson. Always leave a little a little early so that if this happens, you still arrive at your destination on time. As it was, we arrived at the Jays Game as it was starting. It was quite a hot day and we were glad when, in the 4th inning, the sun moved behind the open roof of the dome. It was an exciting game, but the Jays still lost 8-5. In the 7th inning we were joined by Uncle Rob & Auntie Holy who by chance had picked up last minute tickets to come to the game with their friends. 

After the game, we went out for supper with Rob & Holly before heading back home.  We took some time at the supper to sing Happy Birthday to Uncle Jason, whose birthday is on July 7th.