Aiden Church League Softball: 2018

Aiden played his first season of Church League Softball this year. This is something unique to the Peterborough Area and has been running since I was a kid. Me and my siblings all played church league ball in Donwood every year. It runs from early May until the end of June and is finished before the summer holidays. Aiden signed up for the Assumption Team … Continue reading Aiden Church League Softball: 2018

Abby & Aiden X-Country: Oct 4, 2017

In October of this year, Abby & Aiden both made the school X-Country team and competed at the school meet that is held at Nicholls Oval Park in Peterborough. The two of them spent the weeks leading up to the meet practicing at recess by running a X-Country root that took them right by our house. On a couple of occasions, Aiden snuck up the … Continue reading Abby & Aiden X-Country: Oct 4, 2017

William’s Birthday May 2017

In May 2017, we went to William’s 8th birthday. Rachel & Melissa had purchased Minecraft t-shirts for the boys and Team Unicorn shirts for the girls. At the time, William and Aiden were really into playing Minecraft.  They spent the afternoon there playing games and enjoying some cake and pizza. It was a little bittersweet because they knew that next year at this time, we … Continue reading William’s Birthday May 2017