Victoria Day 2018

For the second year in a row on Victoria Day we again went to Bethany to celebrate the weekend. On this weekend is the Bethany Athletic Society’s annual fundraiser for the park in Bethany. They have a car show, bouncy castles, a parade, a silent auction, etc. This year they invited the Blades of Glory to the event. They teach the kids about medieval times and then the kids got to participate in a sword fight against their medieval knight. Abby & Macklan successfully took on the Knight. Eva was too young and Aiden did not want to participate, he instead wanted to watch Abby & Macklan. 

We brought Dad out for the celebrations as well. Melissa unfortunately could not make it as she had a migraine and was not feeling well. The weather was quite cooperative and allowed for a great day of festivities. I actually won tickets to 4th Line Theatre in the Silent Auction that I gave to Melissa for her birthday a couple weeks later.