Aiden Church League Softball: 2018

Aiden played his first season of Church League Softball this year. This is something unique to the Peterborough Area and has been running since I was a kid. Me and my siblings all played church league ball in Donwood every year. It runs from early May until the end of June and is finished before the summer holidays. Aiden signed up for the Assumption Team since we live in that area. He had a successful first season, winning all of his games. We saw great growth throughout the 2 months of playing. In his first games he never swung at the baseball, chased down players to tag them without the ball in his glove and had trouble throwing with accuracy (see videos below). By the end of the season, he regularly got hits or walked to get on base, scored runs, had pitched a couple of innings and even fielded a couple of balls that were hit to him.

At the end of the season, they have a final day tournament on a Saturday where they play round robins followed by a semi-final and a championship game. Aiden’s team went 1-1 in the round robin. His team won in the semis and then won the championship game, defeating the team that beat them 9-2 in the morning. 

Auntie Julie, Macklan, Eva and Papa attended the morning games on the final day of the season and Uncle Rob & Papa came to the championship game and cheered Aiden on. In the final game Aiden got on base twice and scored one run!