Philip, Stephanie, Shelby & Chantale Visiting: May 4-6, 2018

On the first weekend of May Philip, Stephanie, Shelby & Chantale came for a visit for the weekend. Shortly after their arrival, the power went out in Keene from a huge wind storm. During the storm, we watched as our neighbours shingles blew off of their roofs. When we went out to check our roof, Philip & I saw that section of our roof was starting to come off. Philip and I climbed up onto the roof and Philip nailed a piece of wood over the shingles to hold them in place during the storm. After we got all that sorted out, we were able to put a meal together on the BBQ and enjoyed it by flashlight (see pic below). 

On Saturday, we drove into town for breakfast and then we all went to Port Hope to go fishing at the Salmon Runs that come on from Lake Ontario. While we were not successful, it was eventful. We saw other people catch some big salmons, watched the salmon swim up and over the fish ladder at the dam, Melissa slipped and fell in the mud, and Melissa lost the diamond out of her wedding ring (Chantale did find the diamond in back seat of Philip’s car when we returned to it after fishing).

After fishing, we drove to Peterborough and had dinner with Shawn & Megan’s; they were kind enough to offer up their house since we still did not have power at our house. We brought Dad in to join us for the dinner.

On Sunday morning, Philip & I did some final repairs on the roof (Thanks Philip!!!) and then they all hit the road back to North Bay.