Aiden’s 6th and Abby’s 8th Birthday

For the kids birthday this year, we decided to celebrate them together with a couple small celebrations on their actual birthdays.

Abby’s 8th Birthday

On Abby’s 8th birthday, she went to a camp program at the park in the morning. In the afternoon, Ted and Sandra came over to visit. It was such a gorgeous day that we spent the afternoon visiting and opening presents on the deck. After supper, Ted and Sandra went home.

As a side note, it felt very strange to celebrate Abby’s 8th birthday this year. She is growing up right in front of us and even with all of the pictures and videos we have it still feels unreal that she is already 8. It also felt like she was getting old too fast because this year our Ring Bearer from our wedding is starting University and our flower girl is turning 16 and has a boyfriend. We are not sure when all this happened.


Trip to Legoland

Rachel, Melissa and the kids on their way into Legoland
Rachel, Melissa and the kids on their way into Legoland

We started our day by giving the kids a gift from Auntie Joyce and Shauna. It was a huge rubbermaid full of Lego that Shauna played with as a child. They were extremely excited about this gift and played with it all morning making ships, pirates and airplanes.

In the afternoon, the Redman’s minus Jeff who was at work came over and we headed to Legoland. At Legoland the kids got to go on rides, watch a 4D movie, and build some Lego for themselves. They had an absolute blast there and went on each ride several times and played in the fire station maze for as long as possible. As a side note, while the kids did have fun, I found that it was quite expensive ($20/ person) for what they did offer. In addition to that, I was surprised that it cost the same for the parents to go in and supervise their kids. With that said, the kids had an absolute blast while they were there. At the end of our time at Legoland, we visited the Lego store where the kids got to spend their birthday money from Mama and Papa.

After we got back, we had supper and the kids got to open their presents and loot bags. One of the highlights from the opening of the presents was what Aiden said after opening a card. He looked at the front of a Card from us and then set it down. We then said you should read the card. He then picked the card up opened it and then quickly closed it saying “Huh, there’s no money in it!!!” Some context for this was that a week earlier he was at a birthday party where almost every card had cash in it 🙂

Aiden, Abby and Ava blowing out their cadles
Aiden, Abby and Ava blowing out their cadles

We ended the day by sending the boys to the Redman’s for a sleepover and the girls stayed here for a sleepover.

Aiden’s 6th Birthday

Aiden did have to go to school on his 6th birthday. While at school his teacher did give him a nice card and a swirly straw and the class sang Happy Birthday to him!!

When he got home Popo Sandra and GongGong Ted were waiting for him. As soon as he got home he ate an egg tart and then wanted to start opening presents. When he started opening his first gift from Grandma, she happened to call so she got to listen to him open his gift.

After opening the rest of the gifts, the kids played while we got supper ready. The weather was nice enough that we sat out on the deck until supper was ready and then we came inside to eat because there were a quite of few bees outside. If it wasn’t for the bees, we probably would have eaten outside.

After supper, Aiden played with his friends from next door. They also joined us for some very chocolaty cake. At the end of the night, Aiden did not want to go to bed because he did not want the day to end 🙂


Even though we combined both birthdays into one big trip to Legoland this year, it was still nice to do something small on Abby and Aiden’s actual birthday as well.



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