Mom’s Birthday: Dec 3, 2017

For Mom’s 76th birthday, Uncle Joe had arranged for a breakfast dinner on Sunday morning at the Douro Hall. The breakfast was the monthly one that is hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Aiden & I attended the breakfast and Melissa and Abby popped in to give Mama a quick hug before they went to Violet’s 3rd birthday. I joined them later after the breakfast. … Continue reading Mom’s Birthday: Dec 3, 2017

Aiden’s 9th Birthday Party: Sept 17, 2017

For Aiden’s 9th birthday, we had a birthday party at the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Heritage Centre. It was great because Aiden got to fish with all of his friends, which he absolutely loved. Aiden fell in love with fishing at his Auntie Joyce & Uncle Al’s place in Marten River where all he ever wants to do is go fisihng, so we thought … Continue reading Aiden’s 9th Birthday Party: Sept 17, 2017

Violet’s 2nd Birthday

At the end of November we travelled back to Peterborough to celebrate Violet’s 2nd birthday (her first with our family). Megan rented a church hall in Bailieboro for the birthday. It was a dog themed party since Puppies are Violet’s favourite animal. At the party Aiden was in no mood to play any games as evidenced by the picture we took with Melissa and Aiden. … Continue reading Violet’s 2nd Birthday

Visit from Jason & Mom’s 75th Birthday (oct 21-23)

A couple weeks after Thanksgiving, Jason came to visit for 5 days. We came down to see him on the weekend. On the Saturday morning, we all did some work around the house for Mom & Dad. We cleaned the chimney, trimmed the trees and raked the leaves for them. We then all got ready and headed into Peterborough to surprise Mom for her 75th … Continue reading Visit from Jason & Mom’s 75th Birthday (oct 21-23)