Aiden’s 8th Birthday

Aiden celebrated his 8th birthday this year by going to school. After school, he opened his presents (Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and a binder) and had some Yu-Gi-Oh cupcakes.     After supper we took Aiden to sign him up for Karate. Abby also decided to sign up for Karate as well. ¬†Below was a picture from their first lesson.     Continue reading Aiden’s 8th Birthday

Mom’s Birthday (Dec 5-6, 2014)

On the same weekend as Abby’s Steelhead Mini game, we also celebrated Mom’s birthday. Uncle Rob was able to celebrate with us and it was surprise for Mom. She had no idea that Rob was coming until he arrived at the restaurant. We had dinner at Montana’s which Abby and Aiden chose so that they would sing Happy Birthday to Mama while she was wearing … Continue reading Mom’s Birthday (Dec 5-6, 2014)

Aiden’s 6th and Abby’s 8th Birthday

For the kids birthday this year, we decided to celebrate them together with a couple small celebrations on their actual birthdays. Abby’s 8th Birthday On Abby’s 8th birthday, she went to a camp program at the park in the morning. In the afternoon, Ted and Sandra came over to visit. It was such a gorgeous day that we spent the afternoon visiting and opening presents … Continue reading Aiden’s 6th and Abby’s 8th Birthday