Visit to New Liskeard 2014

On the Monday after Christmas in August, we went to visit cousin Genny in New Liskeard for the day. We got there in time for lunch and went to Roosters for lunch.

After lunch, since it was such a beautiful day we put on our swimming suits and went swimming in Lake Temiskaming. The Lake was beautiful with huge sandbars so the kids could walk out 50 ft and still touch the bottom. Aiden loved walking out about 20ft and then letting the waves push him back to the shore. Abby loved jumping straight into the big waves.

After swimming, we headed back to Marten River so that we could head home on Tuesday morning. The kids were asleep about 10 min. into the trip back to Marten River. When we got back we put them in their tent and got ready for bed ourselves.


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