Abby’s 11th Birthday: 2017

Abby turned 11 a day after we moved back to Keene. She celebrated the day by going out with her Auntie Megan for a girls day and getting her nails done. At the end of the day, we went to Popo Sandra and Gonggong Ted’s for a birthday dinner and cake. Continue reading Abby’s 11th Birthday: 2017

Aiden’s 6th and Abby’s 8th Birthday

For the kids birthday this year, we decided to celebrate them together with a couple small celebrations on their actual birthdays. Abby’s 8th Birthday On Abby’s 8th birthday, she went to a camp program at the park in the morning. In the afternoon, Ted and Sandra came over to visit. It was such a gorgeous day that we spent the afternoon visiting and opening presents … Continue reading Aiden’s 6th and Abby’s 8th Birthday