Peterborough Petes Game

At the end of November and in mid-January, Mama & Papa gave me their tickets to the Petes game. I took Aiden to the game in November and Abby to the game in January. At the game, I made sure to “as per Mama’s request” get the kids treats at the game. We also got to see the elderly lady who stands up after each … Continue reading Peterborough Petes Game

Mom’s Birthday (Dec 5-6, 2014)

On the same weekend as Abby’s Steelhead Mini game, we also celebrated Mom’s birthday. Uncle Rob was able to celebrate with us and it was surprise for Mom. She had no idea that Rob was coming until he arrived at the restaurant. We had dinner at Montana’s which Abby and Aiden chose so that they would sing Happy Birthday to Mama while she was wearing … Continue reading Mom’s Birthday (Dec 5-6, 2014)