Peterborough Petes Game

At the end of November and in mid-January, Mama & Papa gave me their tickets to the Petes game. I took Aiden to the game in November and Abby to the game in January. At the game, I made sure to “as per Mama’s request” get the kids treats at the game. We also got to see the elderly lady who stands up after each goal and swings a bra in the air to cheer (I am not making that up) Abby & Aiden had a great time out at the games, even though the Petes lost both games.

The Bra Swinger: Getting to Know Petes Super Fan Catherine Weiss

The Toronto Maple Leafs have claimed the Dart Guy (face painted, blue bear) as their unofficial mascot, and the Raptors rightfully celebrate their super fan Nav Bhatia, however, none of these figures quite compare to the Petes bra swinger, Cathy Weiss. For 25 years Mrs. Weiss has attended Petes home games.