Peter’s 36th Birthday

At work this year, a student from my class brought in a cake for me to have. All the kidd from my class got together in the staffroom with a friend that they invited and we all shared the cake.

For my birthday this year, Melissa planned a surprise for me. After work, I came home and took the kids to Karate, which is something I was not supposed to do, but Melissa was still asleep from her night shift and was unable to tell me that she needed me to stay. Fortunately it only put us a little behind time.

After Karate I came home and Melissa drove us to pick up some pizza and then took us to the Holiday Inn where Mama, Papa, Auntie Julie, Macklan and Eva were waiting to surprise me. They had all travelled up to spend the weekend with us.

On Saturday we went to a kids place where the kids played in the jungle gym and on some old arcade games. While there, we learned that Eva does not like the ball pit as you can see by the picture below 🙂

We then all came back to our house for supper.

On Sunday morning, they headed out early after 8:00am mass.

Peter's 36th Birthday Nov 2016
Abby & Aiden with Mama & Papa



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