Visit from Jason & Mom’s 75th Birthday (oct 21-23)

A couple weeks after Thanksgiving, Jason came to visit for 5 days. We came down to see him on the weekend.

On the Saturday morning, we all did some work around the house for Mom & Dad. We cleaned the chimney, trimmed the trees and raked the leaves for them. We then all got ready and headed into Peterborough to surprise Mom for her 75th birthday.

So, Mom’s 75th birthday is actually in December, but we decided to have a surprise party for her when Jason came home so that all of her children could be there to celebrate with her. We all met at the bowling alley, which is where we told her that we would be playing family game of bowling to celebrate her birthday. Mom easily won her game, while Jason won his game. While we all played a fun game of bowling, we had Megan come out to Mom & Dad’s house and put out decorations for the party so that when they got home, they would be up.

Mom's 75th Birthday party & Visit from Jason_Oct 2016
Mom with her gift
Mom's 75th Birthday party & Visit from Jason_Oct 2016
The Cain’s & The Allison’s Front L-R: Eva, Macklan, Mom (Ann), Aiden, Abby, Dad (Bernard) Back: Rob, Peter A, Julie, Jason, Melissa, Peter C.

On Sunday, Macklan, Aiden, Abby & I all went for a walk in the back field and headed over to visit Great Uncle Joe. While we were busy doing that Eva had some fund Snapchatting with her Auntie Melissa.

It was a great weekend!!!



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