Mom’s Birthday: Dec 3, 2017

For Mom’s 76th birthday, Uncle Joe had arranged for a breakfast dinner on Sunday morning at the Douro Hall. The breakfast was the monthly one that is hosted by the Knights of Columbus. Aiden & I attended the breakfast and Melissa and Abby popped in to give Mama a quick hug before they went to Violet’s 3rd birthday. I joined them later after the breakfast. Peter, Julie and the kids also attended.

Mom's birthday celebration: Dec 3, 2017
Mom & Dad at her birthday breakfast


Mom's birthday celebration: Dec 3, 2017
Back: L-R: Peter Allison, Mary O’Hagen, Uncle Joe, Peter Cain Front: L-R: Bernard Cain, Aiden Cain, Ann Cain, Macklan Allison, Julie Allison, Eva Allison

At the birthday breakfast, everyone in the hall sang Happy Birthday to Mom.

It was really special and Mom had a great time!!!