Aiden’s 7th Birthday

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Aiden had several birthday celebrations this year.

The first one was at the end of August, while visiting Mama & Papa’s. they celebrated both Abby and Aiden’s birthday and gave them their presents while visiting.

Then on Labour Day Monday, Sandra and Ted came to visit us and we had dinner and a small party. Aiden had a blast playing a game of Mahjong with Ted & Sandra on the iPAD. On Labour Day weekend, Megan and Shawn also came to visit, but I do not have any pics fro their visit.

Aiden's 7th Birthday
Abby & Aiden playing MahJong with Sandra & Ted
Aiden's 7th Birthday
Opening gifts with Ted, Sandra, Mom & Abby

His actual birthday was on the second day of school and on that day, he got  a gift from us and then he got to have pizza and we watched a movie together. He also got a gift from his Aunt Julie in the mail a few days later, which was really exciting for Aiden to receive a such a larger package in the mail.

Aiden's 7th Birthday
Aiden having a pizza dinner & watching a movie on his birthday.
Aiden's 7th Birthday
Aiden and Marley checking out the gift from Auntie Julie that came in the mail

His last birthday was a full birthday party that we had at LifeTime Athletic. Aiden invited all of the boys from his class and a few other friends. He chose the theme of Power Rangers for the party and it had to be a swimming party!! Aiden had a blast and he was happy with all of the gifts he got, but who wouldn’t be 🙂

Aiden's 7th Birthday
Aiden’s Power Ranger Themed Party at LifeTime.
Aiden's 7th Birthday
Aiden’s haul from his 7th Birthday Party!!!