Abby & Aiden X-Country: Oct 4, 2017

In October of this year, Abby & Aiden both made the school X-Country team and competed at the school meet that is held at Nicholls Oval Park in Peterborough. The two of them spent the weeks leading up to the meet practicing at recess by running a X-Country root that took them right by our house. On a couple of occasions, Aiden snuck up the house to get a hug and kiss from his Mom who had stepped out on the front porch to watch them run by the house. Abby did not come up to the house. In fact, she mostly ignored the fact that Mom was out watching her run by the house (Our little girl is growing up and pretending that we do not exist).

At that meet, Aiden struggled to complete the 2 km race, but he persevered and did complete the race in 76 place. He crossed the finish line with a smile from ear to ear. Abby started the race of slow, passing the first part of the race near the back of the pack, but during the back stretch where they went up and down some hills, Abby made some considerable gains and finished in 36th place, passing 5 runners alone in the final stretch of the race. They were both proud of their accomplishments that day and it goes without saying that we were too!!!

In addition to their Mom and Dad cheering them on, they had some new cheerleaders that they have never had for a school event before. Mama and Papa also came in that day and cheered from the sidelines as they went by. Mama even made it over to the final leg of the race to cheer them both on. After the race they came over and go hugs from both of them. They were over the moon that their Mama and Papa had come to see them and so were we; it is one of the reasons why we moved back to the area, so that Abby & Aiden could have more of these memories and experiences with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!!!

Abby & Aiden X-Country: Oct 4, 2017
Abby, Aiden with Mama & Papa who came on to cheer them on.