Mothers Day 2018

We had a quiet Mother’s Day this year. Abby & Aiden each made Mom a gift from school. Abby and Aiden each made Mom something at school. Abby also went out and picked some flowers in the neighbourhood and brought them home for Melissa. They complemented the flowers that I got for Melissa.  In addition the the gift that Aiden made, he also wrote a … Continue reading Mothers Day 2018

Liftlock Cruise with Moms: July 2017

For Mother’s Day last year, Melissa & I purchased tickets to a Liftlock Cruise in the summer. In July, we came down for the weekend and took both the Mom’s out for and afternoon Liftlock Cruise. The weather was wonderful and we learned a lot about the Trent Canal that we did not know before thanks to our knowledgeable tour guide. After or before the … Continue reading Liftlock Cruise with Moms: July 2017

Visit from Jason & Mom’s 75th Birthday (oct 21-23)

A couple weeks after Thanksgiving, Jason came to visit for 5 days. We came down to see him on the weekend. On the Saturday morning, we all did some work around the house for Mom & Dad. We cleaned the chimney, trimmed the trees and raked the leaves for them. We then all got ready and headed into Peterborough to surprise Mom for her 75th … Continue reading Visit from Jason & Mom’s 75th Birthday (oct 21-23)