Halloween 2016 (Funny Video)

For Halloween this year, Melissa and the kids travelled to Peterborough to celebrate halloween with Uncle Shawn, Auntie Megan and Violet. It was Violet’s first halloween. I could not go since Halloween was on a Monday and I had to go to work, but Melissa had the weekend and Halloween Day off.

Halloween 2016
Sign @ Front Entrance of our house

October 29: Lang Pioneer Village

On Saturday the kids, Melissa, Mama and Grandma Miller went to Lang Pioneer Village’s Historic All Hallows Eve event where they got to experience an Old Fashioned Halloween. When they got there, they were surprised by the arrival of Uncle Shawn and Auntie Megan.  They all went to different areas of Lang and learned about how Halloween was celebrated during the Pioneer era.

Oct 30: Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday October 30 Uncle Shawn, Auntie Megan and Violet took Melissa and the kids to the Pumpkin Patch. They all went to the Haunted Forest and participated in in some Pumpkin Bowling. When they returned home, Auntie Megan gave Abby and Aiden new Harry Potter wands since Marley and Lindy had eaten their old wands.

Oct 31: Halloween Day

On Halloween Day the kids and Melissa went to visit Ted & Sandra and then went to the Nursing Home to visit with Grandpa. They then returned to Shawn & Megan’s where they trick or treated through the neighbourhood with the highlight being the house pictured below which was decorated as a haunted ship that the kids could walk through.


After trick or treating Melissa and the kids drove back to Mississauga where the arrived around 10:30. This is when I got to have my fun.

I set up Igor, our candy butler up on the counter in our bathroom. When Melissa walked in, the sensors were triggered and Igor began to talk and well…you can see the rest in the video below:






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