Aiden’s 5th Birthday: Sept 2013

September 8th

Aiden’s birthday celebrations started the day before his actual birthday. I had come home the weekend to play in the annual Waudby Golf Tournament on Saturday the 7th. The next day, I went to Grandma’s house so that she could give Aiden his presents. I think Grandpa was not feeling that well that day so he was unable to come out and see Aiden. 
When we got to Grandma’s house, the kids went straight for the toy trunk to see what new toys that Grandma had bought for them since the last time that they were there. They were a big fan of the bunny ears that Grandma had got as you can see from the pics below. They also really liked the Slinky that Grandma had gotten as well. Aiden then opened his gifts (some new shirts) from Grandma and then went back playing with some of the new toys in the trunk. The kids love seeing what Grandma has in that Trunk!!!


We then went back to Mama and Papa’s before heading home to our place. Mama and Papa had got Aiden a small cupcake which he enjoyed by eating all the icing first and then eating some of the cake. He eats every cupcake the exact same way.


 September 9th

Aiden’s actual birthday started the same way as Abby’s, with a big hug from Abby. He was then dropped off at the babysitter’s and I went to work. Melissa was just coming home from a nightshift.
Aiden hugging Abby on the morning of his 5th birthday
Aiden hugging Abby on the morning of his 5th birthday


In the evening, Sandra and Ted came to visit again for Aiden’s birthday. Aiden came home wearing a birthday hat that he had got at school which he wore off and on for the rest of the evening. We then had a nice supper followed by some cupcakes for desert. And don’t worry, Aiden ate his icing first as always!!!

Here are some videos from the evening.


Happy 5th birthday little buddy!!!

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