Father’s Day 2018

For Father’s Day this year, Dad spent the weekend with Peter & Julie at their cottage. Melissa invited Shawn and her Dad over to celebrate Father’s Day at our house. Melissa got us all matching shirts and some good beers and non-alcoholic beers for us all to enjoy on the deck.  One of the highlights of the afternoon was watching Oscar play with the musical … Continue reading Father’s Day 2018

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: July 7, 2018

We travelled to Toronto to watch the Jays play the Yankees as part of my Father’s Day gift. On the way to the game we misread the schedule for the Go Train, so we missed the train and had to wait 45 min for the next one. We passed the time playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, and the kids learned a valuable lesson. Always leave … Continue reading Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: July 7, 2018

Father’s Day Weekend 2016

This was the first Father’s Day Weekend in the past few years where Melissa was not working. It was also the same weekend as Stephanie’s wedding shower. So, what Melissa did was to book us in at the Holiday Inn in North Bay for the Friday & Saturday Night so that we could have a little family getaway. Friday Night We left Mississauga right after work … Continue reading Father’s Day Weekend 2016

Father’s Day 2015

Friday Evening We celebrated Father’s Day this year by going to Peterborough to visit everyone. Melissa couldn’t come because she had to work this year. We stayed at Peter & Julie’s. Before we left though, we had supper in the evening and then I opened the gifts from the kids and Melissa before we left. Melissa got me a really awesome t-shirt and a brand … Continue reading Father’s Day 2015

Father’s Day 2014 (Abby Riding her bike for first time.

Father’s Day morning was pretty low key. In the morning Melissa brought home her regular Sunday morning McDonald’s for everyone to enjoy. After breakfast, we opened up the gifts. This year the kids and Melissa made me a World’s Greatest Dad book with a fill in the blank sheet filled in by each kid separately answering the exact same question. It was really cute to … Continue reading Father’s Day 2014 (Abby Riding her bike for first time.