Cain Family Reunion 2017

On the second Saturday of July last year, we went to the Cain Family Reunion in Kinmount. We had wonderful weather and a great turnout. This year Melissa and I and the kids had new sleeping arrangements.  Uncle Sam and Auntie Barb’s invited us to stay in their old cabin. Staying in the cabin brought back so many happy memories of the time that I spent growing up and spending time at the cabin, playing family games with everyone.

Family Games

This year’s family games were a blast with some of the highlights were the kids trying to pop the balloons, having a water gun fight and the adults wearing panty hose with a tennis ball in it.



Group Family Picture

Cain Family Reunion_July 8, 2017
Front L-R: Abby Cain, Abigail Waudby, Cadence Robbins, Macklan Allison, Aiden Cain, Eva Allison 2nd Row L-R: Aunt Barb Cain, Uncle Sam Cain, Aunt Linda Cain, Aunt Dorothy Deck, Dad (Bernard Cain), Me (Peter Cain) 3rd Row: Colleen Harnden, Rebecca Walker (Alex’s girlfriend), Shalaine Waudby, Steven, Carol Batten, Ava Galezo-Cain, Hailey Eno, Mike Galezo-Cain 4th Row: Mike Hewitt, Bob, Alex Batten, Morgan Batten, Bill Batten, Jesse Eno, Saeda Osmane , Carrie Galezo-Cain, Mom (Ann Cain), Robert (Hailey’s boyfriend), Rob Cain, Holly Patrick, Julie Allison Top Row: Sam Galezo-Cain, Rick, Suzanne, Carol Cain, Melissa Cain

Cain Family Reunion_July 8, 2017Cain Family Reunion_July 8, 2017


Cain Family Reunion_July 8, 2017
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