Macklan & Eva Visiting_July 14-16, 2017

In July of last summer, Macklan & Eva came to stay with us while Peter & Julie went to their annual Blues Festival in Windsor.

During their visit, we went to the Balls of Fun indoor playground, played at our own playground, and hung out with the dogs. This visit gave Eva & Macklan a chance to get to know Marley & Lindy. As you can see, Marley slept with Macklan and what you did not see in the pics was how much fun Eva had with Lindy. Eva just fell in love with Lindy and laid on her and got lots of kisses from Lindy and Lindy followed her around the whole visit.

After the visit, Peter & Julie picked them up, as well as Abby & Aiden and headed to their cottage for the rest of the week. We joined them a couple of days later and had a great visit at their cottage!!!