Violet Adoption Day_Feb 28, 2017

It is impossible to put into words, the joy that was experienced on this day. Now before we got to experience the fullness of our joy, our little Violet started her day by throwing up all over her dress at the house before even getting to the courthouse. When she got rid of her nerves, she brought her charm and took over that whole courthouse with it. Her charm was only matched by the Judge, who had a present for Violet so that she would never forget this incredible day, an elephant, because they never forget! As you can see from below, the Judge welcomed the new family up to the front for pictures after the official paperwork was done!

After the ceremony, we went back to Shawn & Megan’s house for a party and then after the party we went back to Mississauga.


Shawn, Megan and Violet with the Judge



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