Violet & Oscar First Sleepover: Nov 18-19

In November, we had Violet & Oscar over for their first ever sleepover ever so that Shawn & Megan could have a date night!!! They had a great time playing with the dogs, Abby & Aiden and playing in the snow in the backyard. Violet also took time to help us with our dishes 🙂 We look forward to many more sleepovers in the future!!!! Continue reading Violet & Oscar First Sleepover: Nov 18-19

Santa Picture

This year we went to get our Santa Picture when we were in Peterborough visiting Shawn & Megan. It was a special picture because Shawn & Megan brought Violet for her first ever picture with Santa. The kids took a picture with her and then they had their own Santa picture. Violet did not want to take the picture unless her Dad was in the picture with … Continue reading Santa Picture

Violet’s 2nd Birthday

At the end of November we travelled back to Peterborough to celebrate Violet’s 2nd birthday (her first with our family). Megan rented a church hall in Bailieboro for the birthday. It was a dog themed party since Puppies are Violet’s favourite animal. At the party Aiden was in no mood to play any games as evidenced by the picture we took with Melissa and Aiden. … Continue reading Violet’s 2nd Birthday