Visit from the Allison’s (June 4-5 2016)

The Allison’s minus Peter came to visit in early June. Julie had a baby shower to attend in Niagara Falls that weekend so they used our house as a home base & we were glad they did.

They arrived on Friday afternoon and visited with us that night.


On Saturday, Julie took Eva and Abby to the baby shower, while Macklan, Aiden and Peter had a guys afternoon.

First, we went to get our haircut & Macklan got his first ever haircut by himself without sitting on someone’s lap. We went to the barber that I always take the kids to see.

Macmillan getting his hair cut
Macmillan getting his hair cut

Then, we went to a kids indoor playground, where Aiden & Macklan played for several hours, including playing some vintage (that’s right I said vintage) arcade games that were at the indoor gym. The boys had a blast playing in the ball pit the most.

On Sunday, they all went home after spending the morning with us.


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