Minimalism Documentary (June 1)

For Valentine’s Day this year, Melissa bought me tickets to go and watch a documentary and the Bloor Street Hot Docs Cinema with her. The filmmakers were attending the documentary with a Q & A session scheduled for after.

Before the documentary we went found a nice Vegan restaurant on Bloor St, East of Spading. We then went to the documentary. After watching the documentary and listening to the Q & A, we got to meet the Minimalists and have them sign their books.

While, I did not know much about Minimalism, except for what Melissa had talked to me about, the documentary really spoke to me and has resulted in Melissa and I further exploring both the minimalist philosophy and lifestyle. Melissa is even planning the 30 day minimalism challenge in July where everyday you throw/donate the same # of items as way to match the number on the calendar (1 item on the first day, 2 items on the second day and so on until you get to 31 items on the 31st day).


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