Visit from the Allison’s (June 4-5 2016)

The Allison’s minus Peter came to visit in early June. Julie had a baby shower to attend in Niagara Falls that weekend so they used our house as a home base & we were glad they did. They arrived on Friday afternoon and visited with us that night.   On Saturday, Julie took Eva and Abby to the baby shower, while Macklan, Aiden and Peter … Continue reading Visit from the Allison’s (June 4-5 2016)

Maurice’s Funeral (Babysitting Eva)

On November 23rd, I travelled to Douro for the day to attend the funeral of Maurice Hickey who was the father of a childhood friend, a dear friend of Dad’s and Rob’s Godfather. I will miss seeing Maurice swing around to visit Dad on his way into or back home from somewhere, and usually still wearing his rubber boots. In the afternoon before I went … Continue reading Maurice’s Funeral (Babysitting Eva)

Evangeline Noelle Allison (Aug 7, 2015)

While we were at our Christmas in August event in Marten River, Julie gave birth to our beautiful niece Evangeline (Eva) Allison. Below is the notice we received from Peter with the first pics. Good morning Macklan is excited to have a new baby sister. Evangeline was born yesterday at 5:24pm. She surprised us by wanting to enter the world feet first so we had a … Continue reading Evangeline Noelle Allison (Aug 7, 2015)