31-Day Minimalism Challenge (July & Nov 2016)

After watching the Minimalism Documentary back in June, we followed up by completing The Minimalists 31 Day Challenge. The concept is simple, the challenge is hard. On the 1st day of the month you throw out or donate 1 item. On the 2nd day you throw out or donate 2 items and so on all the way to 31. By the end of the month, … Continue reading 31-Day Minimalism Challenge (July & Nov 2016)

Minimalism Documentary (June 1)

For Valentine’s Day this year, Melissa bought me tickets to go and watch a documentary and the Bloor Street Hot Docs Cinema with her. The filmmakers were attending the documentary with a Q & A session scheduled for after. Before the documentary we went found a nice Vegan restaurant on Bloor St, East of Spading. We then went to the documentary. After watching the documentary … Continue reading Minimalism Documentary (June 1)