Maurice’s Funeral (Babysitting Eva)

On November 23rd, I travelled to Douro for the day to attend the funeral of Maurice Hickey who was the father of a childhood friend, a dear friend of Dad’s and Rob’s Godfather. I will miss seeing Maurice swing around to visit Dad on his way into or back home from somewhere, and usually still wearing his rubber boots.

In the afternoon before I went home, I went into watch Eva while Julie took Macklan swimming. I was filling in for Mom & Dad who had had a long day. Even so, when I told them that I would go in and babysit for them Dad said: “no maybe we should come too, Eva can be quite a handful.” To which I responded: “I’m pretty sure I can handle one baby, I did raise 2 of my own :)” Thanks for the vote of confidence 😉

Anyways, when I did get in there, Eva and I spent the hour visiting and hanging out. She had a blast playing with my thumb!!! Afterwards, Julie and I had a nice visit before I headed back.

Here are a few pics of Eva. As you can see, she is a handful 😉



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