Uncle Jack passed away: Dec 21, 2016

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On December 21st, 2016, Uncle Jack passed away after falling unconscious earlier in the week. Melissa and Jackie flew to Quebec City to pay their respects and celebrate Uncle Jack’s life.

Below is a copy of Facebook post from Uncle Jack’s son-in-law Martin (Holly’s husband) and a copy of Uncle Jack’s Obituary.

Martin Brodeur’s Facebook Post

I don’t know if anyone else noticed what yesterday was. Yesterday was the winter solstice. The shortest day and The longest night of the year. It was the darkest and the gloomiest night of 2016. Like the longest night Jacks passing has left a dark chill in our hearts. But Jack passed away on a night of great significance. From today on the days get longer and the darkness will be replaced by the sun. The pain of his passing will slowly be brightened by the great memories we have and the light of his love for everyone will soon fill our days with warmth and clarity.

Today we mourn the passing of a father, a husband, a brother. We mourn the passing of a great man. But soon, as the time passes and the days get longer we will celebrate because we will realize how lucky we were to have him as part of our lives. Rest in peace Jack Neville


Uncle Jack’s Obituary






Maurice’s Funeral (Babysitting Eva)

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On November 23rd, I travelled to Douro for the day to attend the funeral of Maurice Hickey who was the father of a childhood friend, a dear friend of Dad’s and Rob’s Godfather. I will miss seeing Maurice swing around to visit Dad on his way into or back home from somewhere, and usually still wearing his rubber boots.

In the afternoon before I went home, I went into watch Eva while Julie took Macklan swimming. I was filling in for Mom & Dad who had had a long day. Even so, when I told them that I would go in and babysit for them Dad said: “no maybe we should come too, Eva can be quite a handful.” To which I responded: “I’m pretty sure I can handle one baby, I did raise 2 of my own :)” Thanks for the vote of confidence 😉

Anyways, when I did get in there, Eva and I spent the hour visiting and hanging out. She had a blast playing with my thumb!!! Afterwards, Julie and I had a nice visit before I headed back.

Here are a few pics of Eva. As you can see, she is a handful 😉