March Break 2015

We had a very eventful March Break this year with Melissa off for most of it!!

New Dog

We had brought home a 2 year old German Shepherd named Rosie the weekend before March Break, but she ended up not being good with the kids so we had to return her to her owner 😦 We then decided to go with a puppy so that we could get her used to being around kids from a very young age.

Melissa brought Marley home from the Humane Society in Hamilton on Tuesday March 10th. Everyone instantly fell in love with her.

We named her Marley after Bob Marley because she just seemed so laid back and relaxed around everyone!! Shortly after we named her, we found out about the movie Marley so we watched it to make sure that we would be Okay with her name. Even though the movie is a tear jerker, we kept the name Marley. She soon lived up to Marley moniker from the movie as well. See the blog post about Marley.

St. Patrick’s Day

We started by having friends from Aiden and Abby’s Hockey team over to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 1 day early. We had a fun afternoon playing, eating and drinking. Now on the actual St. Patrick’s day we got dressed in green and put on tattoos and hung out as a family. We played board and card games (UNO) and then watched a family movie. Marley even got involved in the festivities by wearing green.

St. Patrick's Day get together with friends. Back L-R: Brian, Joselyn, Melissa with Marley, Peter, Laney, Alberto. Front L-R: Jayden, Anthony, Abby, Aiden, Miles, Andre.
St. Patrick’s Day get together with friends.
Back L-R: Brian, Joselyn, Melissa with Marley, Peter, Laney, Alberto.
Front L-R: Jayden, Anthony, Abby, Aiden, Miles, Andre.


Bradley Museum Maple Syrup Festival

On Wednesday we went to the Bradley Museum’s Maple Syrup Festival with the Redman’s and Flat Stanley (A character from a book that Abby was supposed to take all over the city to see different sights to help her cousin with a project for her school). As you can see we got a wonderful pancake lunch with fresh maple syrup followed by a tour of the museum. The kids got to learn how they tap maple trees as well as how the Bradley Family used to live on this property. They got to see how their 6 or 7 children used to share 2 bedrooms upstairs in their house, as well as some of the toys that they used to use to play with. The kids then got to make a fort using play blocks that were all different sizes. Lastly the kids got to see deer on the way into the Museum and also while they were at the museum. There seemed to be deer all around the museum’s property. They had a blast playing the William and Ava.


Alice in Wonderland at the National Ballet

On Thursday, Melissa and Rachel took the kids and Flat Stanley to the National Ballet of Canada’s presentation of Alice in Wonderland. They went to the show on the GO Train and then took the subway to the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts. Everyone loved the show even if they didn’t make it to the end of the show. Aiden fell asleep part way through the third act and then shortly thereafter fell off his chair. Even though he fell he barely even woke up and didn’t remember falling off his chair in the morning. The other 3 kids made it to the end of the performance but all fell asleep moments after the GO Train left the station to go home 🙂 Melissa had to carry Aiden all the way to the GO and then to the van in her high heels.


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