Visit to Genny: Aug 2013

While we are in Marten River for our Christmas party in the summer, we often make the trip to New Liskeard to visit with cousin Genny for the day. On this year’s trip we walked down to the water and ate lunch at a lovely restaurant.

Visit to Genny Aug 2013
L-R: Peter, Aiden, Melissa, Abby, Genny

We then walked along the waterfront and played in the park. I am not sure though who had the most fun though, the kids or Genny!!

Genny playing in the park :)
Genny playing in the park 🙂
Kids playing at the waterfront
Kids playing at the waterfront

Our time at the park was cut short when it started to pour rain. When we got back to Genny’s house, Melissa realized that she no longer had her phone. When we looked it up on find my iPhone, we saw that it was still in the park that we had hastily left when it started raining. Melissa and Genny quickly went back out and found it under the picnic table we had been sitting at. Fortunately it had not got too wet because it had fallen under the deck. They brought it home and put it in a bowl of rice to absorb any moisture that was in the phone. By the next morning the phone was working great.

In the evening after the kids were in bed we watched a movie and then went to bed ourselves.

The next morning, Genny took the kids and us out to McDonald’s for lunch and to play in the play area at the restaurant.

We then headed back to Marten River for the night before heading back home.





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