Aiden is definitely three!!!

Aiden has been having tantrums consistently for about 2 weeks. He has had a tantrum about everything including but not limited to, which chair to sit in at supper, which oatmeal to eat for breakfast, telling us he wants english muffins for breakfast only to say he wanted oatmeal as soon as he see the english muffins, not wanting to read the story he picked out for bedtime, stopping the TV, wearing snow boots to school, and the list could go on and on. I remember Abby did this around this age too. I think he trying to assert his ability to make choices and disdain towards some of the choices that his parents are making like having him wear winter boots and coat outside in the middle of February. I can see his point of view, after all what kind of person would dare feed him the breakfast that he asked for :). As you can see from the video, his new favourite word is NOOO!!


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