Birthday Party and Bowling

Today (Feb 11) we went to Alex Luzar’s 6th birthday party. They had their birthday party at Classic Bowl in Mississauga. This was the second time that Abby has gone bowling. She went last year on one of her PA Day trips with PLASP. It was Aiden’s first trip to the bowling alley. Of course today was the one of the biggest snowfalls of the year in the city. Fortunately by the time that we went out, the roads had been cleared, but I still hadn’t gotten around to shovelling the driveway. Aiden and Abby both had a great time while they were bowling, they each bowled several rounds before the pizza was brought to they party. Click on the link to see photos from the day and there is a video at the bottom of this post.  The reason there was no video of Aiden bowling was because I had to help him carry the ball to ramp that they put it on in order to bowl. They were about 10 kids or so at the party for the kids to play with.

After they were done bowling, we walked to the back of the alley where they had tables set up for different parties with privacy curtains between each party. After Abby finished bowling her last round I told her to go to the party table and sit down, while I went to get Aiden out of the chair that he was playing in (see pictures above). Anyways, after I got Aiden and went to the table, I noticed that Abby was nowhere to be found, so I checked both sides of the table, and looked back where we were bowling and I stilll could not find her. After returning from the bowling lane I caught site of her sitting at the party table for the other party that was happening. She had even gotten a drink of juice and was already starting to eat the chips that had been handed out. So, I went and got her and brought her back to the right table. The guests at the other party thought that this was absolutely hilarious.

The other thing that was funny was that Aiden & Abby both used the boot rack as TO for an imaginary game of tag that they were having with each other. What it actually looked like was two kids sleeping in a bunk bed. I am always amazed by a child’s imagination.

After the party we went over to Rudi & Kristina’s house for some snacks and to watch Leafs get the heads handed to them by the Habs.

Later that night Abby woke up with a tummy ache, probably from the food (pizza, cupcake, ice-cream cake and chips. I snuggled with her in bed for a little while until she felt better. Around the same time Abby woke up, I heard that Whitney Houston died in Beverly Hills.


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