The Case of the Missing Glasses

It has been just about 2 weeks since we last saw Aiden’s glasses. Melissa was sitting on the bed doing some school work a couple of weeks ago, when Megan called. Aiden was playing on the floor beside her. At the beginning of the conversation with Megan, Aiden was wearing his glasses, but by the end of the 5 min conversation, he no longer had his glasses.  Since than we have searched everywhere for the glasses. We have looked in every toy bin, under every bed and mattress, even searching every bag of garbage and compost before we put it on the curb. We are almost at the point where we will need to buy him a new pair, which really sucks considering the pair are somewhere in the house. We have asked Aiden where he left the glasses on several occasions through the search and he keeps telling us a different location for the glasses.

We did find them tangled in the cords under the TV in our bedroom on the very day that we came home with a brand new pair!!!


3 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Glasses

  1. Put a chocolate bar up high, out of reach, but well in sight. Tell both kids whoever finds the glasses gets the chocolate bar! Leave it there for a few days, and pray!
    Grand pa taught a very recalctrant little boy his phonics that way a long time ago. Bribes do so work. Governments around the world prove this every day, don’t they now.

  2. Thanks for the advice, I did already attempt to bribe them a couple times. However we are still searchnig for the glasses.

  3. We found the glasses today, exactly two weeks after we ordered new glasses. The glasses appeared on the TV Stand in our bedroom. It appeared on the shelf beside our external HD. The glasses were definitely not there prior to today. The only thing we can figure is that they were tangled in the cords behind the BluRay Player and that when I was dusting last night, I knocked them up and on to the bottom of the TV Stand. There was a lot of dust on the glasses to suggest that that is where they were hidden. I can not believe that we did not see them there. Melissa & I each looked around there several times.

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