Yellow Belt Grading (Aiden & Abby)

In January and March, Aiden and then Abby went for their yellow belt grading. They each passed with flying colours and we were and are really proud of all of their accomplishments! Aiden: January 2017   Abby: March 2017   fsdjaiofjdsoaufosa Continue reading Yellow Belt Grading (Aiden & Abby)

Abby& Aiden playing “Brother John.”

Here is this weeks concert of Abby playing Brother John. She played it in both piano and on the Guitar setting on the piano. After seeing his sister perform Brother John, Aiden wanted to get in on the act as well. You’ll notice that his fingering is a little off, but he’s got the right idea to play the note and sing the song at … Continue reading Abby& Aiden playing “Brother John.”

Abby Concert 2

Here is Abby’s second concert. She played¬†Jingle Bells again because she just really enjoys playing the song.¬†As you will see she is having some difficulty with the second song. She has been having difficulty transistioning to G Position songs, but she is getthing better each week. In this weeks song she is also learning to play sharps and flats (black keys), which caused her some … Continue reading Abby Concert 2