Abby Concert 2

Here is Abby’s second concert. She played Jingle Bells again because she just really enjoys playing the song. As you will see she is having some difficulty with the second song. She has been having difficulty transistioning to G Position songs, but she is getthing better each week. In this weeks song she is also learning to play sharps and flats (black keys), which caused her some difficulty as you will see in the video. I hope you enjoy.


One thought on “Abby Concert 2

  1. Grandpa Miller says, “Thank you for the nice concert. I really enjoyed it!’
    Big stretches for little fingers! One note at a time! Even the greatest concerts, one note at a time!
    Very good Abbey! Keep up the practice, you will soon get knack.
    Aidan must be as quiet as a concert audience while Abbey plays!
    I will show this video to Grandma Miller as soon as she gets home from her meeting.

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