Christmas in August 2017

We started our annual Christmas in August trip packing the van using all of our Tetris skills with Marley & Lindy as our centerpiece. Steven was nice enough to drive from Toronto to pick up Bruce & Jackie and bring them in his car.

The back of the van packed up tight for the trip.

This year’s theme was a baby shower, since baby Shelby was due shortly. On the Saturday afternoon we had a shower that included gifts and baby games organized by Uncle Lucas.


Some of the baby shower games included, the don’t break your water game, which involved a water balloon between the legs with a balloon tucked under our shirts and beer pong using baby soothers, which we won!!!


The rest of the weekend included fun times at the water (even though it was a little cold), family games of chess, monopoly and heads up, family dinners in the gazebo and some family selfies.



The weekend wouldn’t be complete without a visit to The Wedding Tent by Aaron, Luc, Melissa and me. The reason why that is funny is story that you will have to ask me in person!!!

Christmas in August 2017
Luc, Melissa, Peter and Aaron in “The Wedding Tent”

Group Picture

Christmas in August 2017
Group Shot