Moving to our New Home: Aug 2017

We took possession of our new home on Aug 18, but it did not come without some stresses. The deal for the sale of our house collapsed the week before after the buyers backed out, alleging that they did not have the financing. This resulted in us having to re-do our plan with our bank because we initially had a bridge loan based on the sale of our house. This was obviously frustrating for us, but we were able to make a few moves and finalize the purchase of our house in Keene. As a result of this, I had a lot of driving to do on the day that we closed. On the morning of the move, Melissa and I had to drive to our lawyer’s office in Peterborough first thing in the morning to sign all of the papers so that we could send it to the sellers lawyers and their bank so that we could get the key in the afternoon. We asked my friend Michelle to meet at our house in Mississauga to supervise the movers of our house as they packed up our house. After leaving our lawyer’s office, I drove back to Mississauga with Julie (she met me at carpool in Cavan) to help clean up my house and close it up and give the keys to my neighbour to watch my house until it closed in September. I then drove back with Julie to our new house in Keene and settled in to bed for the night.

Sidenote: Our house in Mississauga did finally sell in September after being pushed 3 days because the sellers seemed to forget that they needed to get their financing in order earlier than one day before closing.

New House

Below are pictures of our new house in Keene. Here is the story of how we acquired the house. In early June of 2017, I had planned on taking Melissa to the ROM Friday Nights for her Mother’s Day. On the Friday morning that I was going to take her to the ROM, the house in Keene was sent to me by our real estate agent and it was amazing. After looking at the house, I called Melissa and asked her if she wanted to go to see the house that night. Since we already had babysitting in place for the evening, she met me at work and we hit the road to see the house at 4, along with another house. After seeing the house we fell in love, but we also had made another appointment to see another house. The second house was occupied by smokers so it was ruled out as soon as we walked through the door. After seeing the second house, we placed an immediate offer on the first house in Keene and they took it that night. We drove back to Mississauga and told the kids the next day about the purchase of the house.

New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)New Home (122 Pinecrest Ave.)